From the Richmond News ITF Taekwondo practitioners from throughout B.C. converged on the Richmond Olympic Oval last weekend for the 2017 Provincial Championships. This year’s event was hosted by Darius Andaya, a 5th degree International Instructor and Chief Instructor of DSA Taekwondo, based in Burnaby. Students from all ages and all level of skills vied for gold in various events such as Sparring, Patterns, Power and Specialty Breaking. Among the weekend’s highlights was the introduction of the Special Needs Division– designated for Taekwondo students with physical and/or mental disabilities. This division was championed by Andaya to promote a fair playing field for athletes limited by their conditions. It was a very successful competition by all accounts, judging by the praises received after the tournament. Andaya thanked all the sponsors ViaSport, Bushido and Richmond Hosting, and most especially all the umpires, officials and other volunteers who provided their services for the competition. “These people came to the tournament expecting nothing in return yet provided everything they could for the sport we all love,” he said.


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