November 19, 2016 ITFofBC Provincial Taekwon-do Championships, Kamloops, BC

Congratulations to our delegation to the recent ITFofBC Provincial Taekwon-do Championships in Kamloops. We hope everyone had fun and LEARNED something new about themselves. Even if you won, you should find something that you have to improve on.

Thank you to Mr. Manuel Darson Andaya for his excellent work coaching the team today.
Thank you Mrs. Rowena  Andaya for the photography and coordinating our team while I do my duties as an umpire.
Thank you  Ms. Shannon Newlove for your help in organizing the bus and our fundraisers and her husband Dave for keeping our car safe while we were away on road trip.
Thank you to all the parents and supporters who came with us to Kamloops. Your support  is highly appreciated. Please keep their motivation up and let them keep on training. When they win, keep them going for the next win, when they lose, have them get up, dust themselves off, and start on working hard for next time.  Thank you for trusting me with their taekwondo training.
Thank you VanCity for the sponsorship.
  Medal Tally
Pattern  Sparring
Ms. Dana Andaya Gold Bronze
Darren Andaya Gold Good Effort
Justinne Baltazar Silver Gold
Nathan Baltazar Silver Silver
Blu Dimalanta Good Effort Gold
Johnrey Guillano Silver Good Effort
Novak Jeremic Bronze
Uros Jeremic Silver Silver
Sean Lau Gold Gold
Christopher Mendoza Silver Bronze
Davit Navasardyan Gold Bronze
Cheska Retita Gold Gold
Jacob Strome Gold Gold
Kylee Strome Bronze Bronze
Lorne Yan Gold Silver
Delegates 15
Gold 12
Silver 8
Bronze 6


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