November 13, 2016 DSA Friendship Tournament

Congratulations DSA students for another successful test of skills!

Patterns Sparring
Abhinav “Deep” Bronze Silver
Alex Gold Silver
Amy Silver Bronze
Andrew Bronze Silver
Blu Silver Gold
Brendan Brendan Good Effort
Caiden Silver Bronze
Cheska Silver Gold
Darren Gold Bronze
Darryl Bronze Gold
Davit Gold GRAND CHAMPION Bronze
Evan Bronze Bronze
Jacob S. Bronze Bronze
Johnrey Silver Gold
Justinne Gold Silver
Kylee Gold Bronze
Maddie Gold Did not participate
Nathan B. Bronze Silver
Novak Gold Bronze
Parv Bronze Bronze
Renzo Bronze Gold
Rugved Gold Bronze
Sean Silver Gold
Sebastian Bronze Gold
Selena Good Effort Bronze
Sydney Gold Silver
Thea Silver Gold
Uros Silver Silver
Victoria Bronze Did not participate
William Silver Silver


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