Nov, 12, 2011 

Ten Competitors with their families braved the winter weather conditions to participate at the 2011 National Tournament held at the Talisman Centre in Calgary, Alberta. As expected, our students gave their all and came back winners with 7 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals. Below are the medal tally:

Medal Tally 2011 National Championships
Division Patterns Sparring Powerbreaking
Manuel Darson Andaya Pre-junior boys Gold Gold
Dana Mae Andaya Junior Girls Gold Bronze
Ezekiel Pestano Black stripe Bronze Gold
Eleazar Pestano Junior Boys Silver Good effort!
Edgar de Guzman Red stripe Silver Gold
Roanna de Guzman Red stripe Silver Gold
Raymond Aglubat Green stripe Silver Gold
Roni de Guzman Blue Silver Silver
Eezaiah Pestano Black stripe Good effort! Silver
Darius Andaya Super senior Male Good effort! Bronze Bronze


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