Nov, 6, 2011 Class C and B Umpire Training , Coquitlam, BC

Students from blue belt to blackbelt attended the Umpire Seminar held in Coquitlam. Mr. Rod Johnson and Mr. Chris Law updated the students on all facets of Class C and Class B umpire duties and responsibilities. The seminar was based on the most recent updated ITF Official Rules of competition.

The practical component consisted of umpire exercises for both patterns and sparring. Volunteers were asked to perform various patterns to allow the participants the opportunity to practice judging patterns based on the five criteria: technical content, power, balance, breath control, and rhythm. Following patterns students practiced judging sparring. To assist Class B registrants an additional 2 hours was added at the end of seminar to review centre ring umpire duties, hand signals and protocol. There was a written test for both Class C and Class B registrants. All students passed with flying colours.


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