On March 20th Pacific Rim Taekwon-Do along with DSA Royal Taekwon-Do were invited to do a demo at the “Awakening the Spirit of Ya-Xwa” Powwow. Members in attendance were:  Narrator – Michelle Sokolowski; Instructor & Organizer – Diana Henson; Members: Clayton Sokolowski, Darius Andaya, Brad Smith, Dana Andaya, Manuel Andaya, Eezaiah Pestano, Jay Wittur, Karlos Wittur, Evan Hanson, Georgina Willis, Jasper Gao. The members did some warm up exercises followed by patterns and then sparring that really started to get the crowd excited, especially the fast paced match of Brad Smith vs Darius Andaya. The crowd was also amazed by the breaking ability of our students from Jasper up to an unbelievable triple break by Darius Andaya.



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