International Harmony Course #9 Vancouver B.C. Canada June 23-24, 2018

Mr. Andaya joined 34 other enthusiastic participants from across Western Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbian) and from Oregon State, USA, to embrace the teachings of Mr. Gastón Casero, Chairman of the ITF’s International Harmony program, and 6th Degree Black Belt from Argentina. 
Participants ranged from Red Belt up to and including 6 Masters. They all were there to learn the skill sets of teaching those 50+ years young the Art of Taekwon-Do.
It was evident from the start we were about to embark on a truly enlightening 2 day seminar taught by a committed Leader and one who made us all feel very comfortable in this new learning curve. 
Mr. Casero has an extremely welcoming approach to teaching and it was also very apparent that he has a true passion for his commitment to help us help those who are 50+ stay active in both body and mind. 
Among other areas, the first day was spent learning the importance of understanding what is special about those in the age group of 50+. We learned how to ask the right questions so that we get to know as much as possible about their expectations, their health, their ability level, and most important of all, to help them feel comfortable in learning a new and exciting way to improve both their physical conditioning and the mind.
The second day was even more informative in that we learned a good number of ways to exercise with our 50+ group and how to put together a training program. 
Then the real exciting part started. We were challenged with teaching!! We broke into 4 groups, to put into practice what we had been soo competently taught. Each group had a couple of Volunteers, with no experience in any Martial Art to work with. Fun was had by all during this session and we are proud to say all participants were able to rise to the challenge. How do we know this? Simply, all volunteers had a good time learning and after the training session expressed their enthusiasm about what they had learned, as well as how comfortable they felt learning something new. 
-Excerpt from Master Lipscombe’s report to the ITF
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