Thank you very much for all the parents and friends who attended our 2nd Skills Demonstration and shared some of their favorite dishes. Thanks Mr. Chris Law for coming in and showing support to our students.

The Annual Skill Demo was introduced in order to show parents what their children have learned throughout the year. Much like a music recital, or an art exhibit, the demo gives the student a chance to show off their skills (which under normal circumstances) they cannot do anywhere else. Students who won competitions during the year are also honoured by announcing their current titles or medals received.

After the bow-in, recital of the oath and a quick warm up, demo started with Alex, Danayee, Glen and Jay  showing their basic fundamental movements, followed by a team pattern (Chonji) by Jared,  Christopher, and Hikaru.

Roanna and Edgar, was next and delivered an exciting prearranged sparring.

Kharl was fierce as he demonstrated self-defense against three opponents (including a slow-motion.)

Edgar, Roanna, Rustin and Rinzel performed a high flying overhead kick.

Next, was a team pattern (DoSan by Nicholas, Qishin, Xiang Wei and Sue.

Rinzel performed a fast, one-leg three section turning kick.

As an intermission, Roanna sang My grown-up christmas wish.

Mr. A demonstrated self-defense against a knifeattack or gun.

The yellow belts consisting of Andrea, Jeremy, Benjamin, Raymond, Renato and Philip, stood up to do their version of Danggun. 

Next was a breaking demo of various techniques by Alex, Christopher, Hikaru, Nicholas, Jared, Darryl, Rustin, Roni, and Andrea.

Ezekiel demonstrated a double knifehand side strike followed by a head strike breaking two boards.

Eleazar followed by jumping off a wall breaking a board with a jumping turning kick and a reverse turning kick to another board.

Sue did a one leg fast break with a turning kick, hook kick and side kick.

Ethan broke boards with a split kick followed by a middle punch.

Dana did a one hand cart wheel followed by a double reverse knifehand strikes.

Next was a series of flying side kick. Nicholas over 1 person, Rustin over 2 and Xiang Wei over 1 person.

Ethan, Eleazar, Eezaiah, Dana and Manuel did a great team pattern rendition of Choong Jang.

Mr. A and Mr. Andaya finished up with a prearranged sparring. 

The demo was followed by a great dinner, photo ops and fun games for the kids as we say goodbye to 2010.



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