Held at the Richmond Olympic Oval on November 12-13, 2010. Out of 18 delegates (11 of them first-timers), our club continued to be successful in producing quality taekwondo students, receiving a total of 31 medals: 19 GOLD, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze. Congratulations Everyone.

Belt level Patterns Sparring
Dana Mae Andaya Black stripe Gold Silver
Manuel Darson Andaya II Black stripe Gold Silver
Eleazar Pestano Black stripe Silver Gold
Eezaiah Pestano Black stripe Bronze Good Effort
Nicholas Leong Red Bronze
Ezekiel Pestano Red stripe Silver Gold
Ethan Alban Blue Gold Gold
Edgar de guzman Blue stripe Gold Bronze
Roanna De guzman Blue stripe Gold Gold
Qishin Wan Blue stripe Gold Gold
Rinzel Pudiquet Green Gold Gold
Angela Reis Green stripe Gold Gold
Kharl Salmorin Yellow Silver Gold
Rustin Pudiquet Yellow Gold Gold
Christopher Mendoza Yellow stripe Silver Good effort
Jared Smith Yellow stripe Gold Bronze
Xiang Wei Wan II Dan Good Effort Silver
Sue Mah I Dan Good Effort Bronze

Following the event, a Potluck victory party was quickly organized and the parents brought lots of food on November 19. The kids had fun and the parents had time to get to know each other more.


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