Dinner for Master Lipscombe

October 6, 2012 Dinner for Master Lipscombe DSA with Dana and Manuel attended a congratulatory dinner for Master Hal Lipscombe held at Milestones Grill in Coquitlam. He, together with Master Kurt Ottesen, successfully tested for their 7th degree black belt. The attached photo is a gift from DSA to Master L.

Black Belt Grading

Black Belt Grading Officiated by Mr. Hal Lipscome, 6th Dan and Mr. Chris Law, 5th Dan Held at 3121 Kingsway Congratulations!  Darius Andaya promoted to III Dan Dana Mae Andaya promoted to I Dan Manuel Darson Andaya promoted to I Dan

200812 Belt Grading

Congratulations to all the students who took their belt promotion test last December 14, 2008. Mr. Hal Lipscombe, 6th Dan ITF, administered the test and he was quite impressed at how the kids have progressed. Most of the them even jumped one belt level because of their impressive performance. Excellent Read more…