Taekwon-Do Programs

We have many different classes to fit even the busiest schedules. From our beginners class to our intermediate level courses, right through to our Black Belt .course, we have something for all level of skills and all ages:

♦ The  Little Dragons Program (Age 4-6 years old) Experience an introduction to taekwon-do in this fun filled, fast-paced class designed for your preschooler! This class promotes inner strength while increasing confidence in physical and social abilities. Students learn new skills through gameplay as well as formal ITF Taekwon-do instruction. 

♦ The  ITF Program (Age 7 and Up) This 10-level belt system is based on the teachings of the founder of Taekwon-do General Choi Hong Hi. We practice the Chang Hun Style of Taekwon-do which is also called the traditional style. Students learn new skills as they go up the ranks from white belt to black belt. Classes are separated by age for sparring and by belt level for patterns. 

♦ The  Special Need Program (For Students with Disabilities) On the surface there appears to be an inherent contradiction between a physical disability and martial art. However, this view fails to recognize the underlying philosophical orientation of this martial art and the advances it permit to personal growth and development when commitment is applied. The special needs program is slightly modified to adapt to the needs of the students.